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Chisholm road, Pleasant Point,
15 min from Timaru City
New Zealand


Day Pass
Mini (up to 65cc) - $10
Junior (up to 125cc) - $15
Senior (250cc+) - $20

6 Month Season Pass
Mini (up to 65cc) - $200
Junior (up to 85cc) - $200
Senior (125cc+) - $250

12 Months Season Pass
Mini (up to 65cc) - $300
Junior (up to 85cc) - $350
Senior (125cc+) - $400
Day passes can be purchased from Renown Store at 182 Stafford Street, Timaru or at On The Spot Dairy in Pleasant Point. Season passes can only be purchased at Renown Store.


About the Backflips Dirtfarm

Consists of a the radest dirtbike tracks you will find in the counrty.

*3 motocross tracks ranging in ability from beginner to pro.
(Two intermedite tracks & the famous Nationals mx track)
*One mini's track 50cc-65cc
*6.5km of enduro loops
*Three mini moto tracks (pitbikes)
*One Jump Track



National Track -Truly National standard, the Backflips Motocross Track features something for everyone and can be ridden by riders of almost every ability (mini's, juniors, seniors and veterans).

Although The track does feature a number of large jumps, they are all built as 'table tops' allowing the fastest and bravest MX'ers some serious airtime, while also allowing the average club rider to 'roll' the entire track safely and still test your abilities.

With a fully operational irrigation system, fully fenced spectator areas and permanent pits area this venue is one of New Zealand's best Motocross tracks.....bar none !!'


The two intermediate tracks- are exactly that if you feel you don't have the ability to ride the nationals track then these two are for you, one of them is situated on the right as you come in the gate off the shingle road, the other is on your left about 400 meters in also known as the club track they both have fun obstacle's an challenging parts to test the body & mind.

Mini's track 50cc-65cc- is situated between the two intermediate tracks this track is for mini's only no big bigs are aloud
its a very cool track super enjoyable.

6.5km of enduro loops- these loops are in the trees on the boundary the Backflips Dirtfarm property so if you are into trail riding or just endurance type riding these are for you! 

Mini moto tracks (pitbikes)- We have 3 pitbike tracks 2 of them taking pitbiking to a new level so fun flowy tracks, The other one is very mellow but still fun for hussing . These are situated to the far left of the nationals track to get to these you take the first shingle road off the left of the main shingle road what runs through the middle of the Dirtfarm.

We have one jump track which is a short track of about 30-40 seconds obstacles are only table tops and berms, the track has the ability to teach you to jump with confidence and also teach you to jump with timing what is a good stepping stone for ability

Address- Chisholm road, Pleasant Point, 15 min from Timaru city
New Zealand


We also hire out the tracks for training days please get in contact for prices etc.

If you would like to know anything or have a comment you would like to make then feel free to fill out the below and we will be sure to get back to you


Backflips Dirtfarm Rideday's

Here will we will post the rideday information , from everything from date, price & time.
We do these rideday's as often as we can keeping them as low key as possible, anybody can come to these rideday's!
You only need a dirtbike and the correct safety gear to do so.
If you don't have the correct gear you can also purchase it from the Backflips Concept store in Timaru we will be stocking everything you need helmets, bars, boots, socks and can order anything extra. 


Video edits of The Backflips Dirtfarm

Here's a couple of video edits of big New Zealand Motocross events that have been held on the famous Nationals MX track at the Backflips Dirtfarm.
Check out the latest!! Ben Townley takes you for a lap of the Backflips Nationals MX track!



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